Terrecotte Florentia S.r.l.

Terracotta artisans since 1976

Anfora in terracotta

Terrecotte Florentia, born in 1976, boasts more than 30 years  of experience in the production and sale of terracotta handcrafted objects.

Our Staff is made up of " Maestri " (Masters) of terracotta or rather high qualified and with several years' experience artisans.

Our production includes a wide range of garden articles such as vases, pitchers, planters, cache-pots, umbrella stands and so on, as well as ornaments and objects for the indoor and outdoor lighting.

Terrecotte Florentia is located in the heart of Tuscany next to Montelupo Fiorentino, famous  as " Paese della Ceramica e della Terracotta " ( Town of Ceramics and Terracotta ) so, the style of  works reminds much to our precious ancient tradition but, at the same time, shows the always research of new and up to date in  shapes and care of details.

Our strength is quality, thanks to it we have satisfied and regular customers.

All our products are handmade using a special selected type of clay, called Galestro, whose main feature is the presence of grain that, together with the firing temperature of nearly 1000C , enables us to produce solid,  strong, timeless works of art.

Products made with this type of clay are weatherproof and very resistant to the rigid winter temperatures, they are a quality guarantee.

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Terrecotte Florentia

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